About Six Charity Foundation

This is a charity organization empowered by God for the poor, disadvantaged children, old and gender equality.

Background :

Six Charity Foundation was founded in 2016, June 26th. It was founded by 6 high school old friends who met one day as to discuss about their friendship. After the meeting, one of the ten people who had met that day, was moving in one of the remote areas in Mukono District and came to see a lot of people, young, old and the disabled suffering.

He felt concerned as the entire community of 3-4 villages were using one well for water, drought was too much, since people of this area always depended on agriculture, they ended up suffering with famine.

Many young people were not attending school since their parents had no reliable source of income to support them with school dues. When he went home, he called all his 10 friends and discussed about the way to help these people. Four of them excused themselves as they said they had nothing to support these people but the six agreed to help. They were six co-founders and they gave this work a name of six charity foundation

They vowed to help this community in the following;

1. Support the children to have education.

2. Teach the community how to live in a self-sustainable life.

3. Provide support in some basic needs to these families in the community.

4. Create a proper water source for the community.

5. Sensitizing the community about proper health and sanitation.


To help the community freely by supporting them in education of children, basic needs, proper health and sanitation.


To create a free environment for all the young, poor, queer, disabled regardless of their religion, beliefs, tribe or color.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers